The Prairie Falcon is similar to the Peregrine Falcon in size and plumage. Prairie falcons are commonly mistaken for the Peregrine Falcon. Key field marks that distinquish this falcon from the Peregrine are the dark wing pits, narrower facial mustache, and paler brown plumage. The Prairie Falcon nests on cliffs along waterways as well as cliffs in the dryer habitats. Their diet includes both birds and rodents.

The Merlin Falcon is an uncommon inhabitant usually frequenting the open plains and forest edges. Two sub-species occur: the Prairie Merlin (Richardson’s) and Pacific Merlin (Black). This falcon is about ½ the size of the Peregrine and Prairie Falcon and can be identified by its small size and banded tail. The Merlin nests in old stick nests of other birds. Merlins feed primary on small birds, rodents, and insects.